Smackdown may 18th 2012

07/06/2012 20:28

The night kicked off with, a match was decided to see who would face Sheamus at no way out. The first match was the intercontinental champion Christian take on Hunico. Christian won that match with a killswitch followed by a frogsplash into a pin. The next match saw Darren Young & Titus O`Neill take on the Usos. Young and O`Neill picked up the win with a backbreaker followed by an elbow drop. Then Ryback took on 2 jobbers. ryback came out with the win with both men on his back doing an avalanche drop.After that santino took on ricardo, albertos ring amounncer. Santino won with the cobra witch knocked him out after messing with ricardo.Sheamus called a promo calling laurinitus a arse. excuse me !!!!!! Sheamus got caught in a fight with swagger.Sheamus picked up the victory with a brogue kick out of no where.Next Damien sandow came in with a short promo, then ran down to the ring to face yoshi tatsu. Damien sandow picked up the win with an armlock neckbreaker, in a amazing time of 00:44.2 seconds !!! Big show cuts a very long promo, after the promo going back to the lockeroom he crossed kane going to the ring for his triple threat match against alberto del rio & randy orton.When suddenly, Bryan attacks kane with a chair over a dozen times and knocked him off his feet !!! Alberto came up with the win after randy orton delivered a RKO and covered kane alberto kicked him off and sneaked in for the win!

biggest cheer reaction : Laurinitus not turning up & Randys RKO !!!!!!!

biggest boo reaction : Big show, vickie guerraro and eve.

Matt Appleyard

Sport/wrestling blogger