AC 3

09/05/2013 17:56

I am writing a blog again finally been a bit busy, anywayabout assasins creed 3 i played it, it was a real let down it was boring and really not that fun the controls were different and hard to master.


So after my reviewing i will give it a sad.....




Only because of the terrible effort to the game



Blogging again!

13/10/2012 22:38

Sorry because schools back hadnt been blogging much but, now its your chance to get invoved send us a game you created and if its good il add it to the website!

Now the blog

Todays blog is about AC3 its not out yet but when it is it will be a sensation to gamers, and be out of stock in seconds it looks good, graphics good, and just overall good 10/10


J Parker





26/09/2012 20:53

So, its now been a whole 3 weeks since school restarted. Its weird, because I have a few new teachers, but I do have a few teachers who are the same as last year. This is just a quick blog because I don't have much time now school started. But I hope everyone has had a good time and not got told off too much.



04/09/2012 13:16

So, today is the last day of the holidays. It doesn't feel like a whole six weeks since we started. The holidays started with the Olympics and are ending with the Paralympics, It's been a good six weeks for Britain, 3rd in the Olympics and doing well (at time of writing) in the Paralympics. I went to the football semi-finals, did any of you go anywhere? Hope everyone has had a good holiday.



Pleasure of Islands.

10/08/2012 20:44

Today I went to the theme park Pleasure Island with my friend Dan. There are some really cool rides there, such as: Boomerang, Alakazam, Pendulus and many more, which you can find at this link. If you have been to Alton Towers before you may know what I mean when I say that Alakazam is a mix between Enterprice and Air. If you haven't, let me explain; You are laid on you're stomach, while going fast around a big wheel that goes sideways too. Boomerang is better than Nemesis, It has the same qualities, but once you get to 1 side, you go backwards through the whole thing. Pendulus is just crazy.


26/07/2012 08:46

Sorry i have not written a blog since round about may 18th. So i will get some new blogs up.


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Matt Appleyard

Black ops II

24/07/2012 17:00

In november/september i dont know the game for xbox, ps3 and maybe wii. It is the sequel to black ops and has the same simalaritys to black ops like zombies, but there is one thing different that black ops II is in the future and holds new weapons and instead of killing people you kill robots :) .

Overall its probably gonna be great and top the charts.

Josh p.

Dodgy Drinks-Really

12/06/2012 16:53

The one thing I enjoyed most today was when my friend Josh(7C) found a can of cold tomato soup at school. Of course he put it in the bin, well no. He addeed a lovely portion of Suso fizzy apple, followed by banana Yazoo (admittedly mine) which soon made it bubble up a murky yellow for a few seconds. There was one thing that he could just not resist; DRINKING IT! If that wasn't enough, he added a lemon Suso and some soggy jelly. The chants were up: CHUG CHUG CHUG. Sure enough he drank it EUGH! He described it by saying the original taste was the Yazoo and the aftertaste was the Suso but the soup ruined it! As this is a blog for life, don't even think about doing this.


Smackdown may 18th 2012

07/06/2012 20:28

The night kicked off with, a match was decided to see who would face Sheamus at no way out. The first match was the intercontinental champion Christian take on Hunico. Christian won that match with a killswitch followed by a frogsplash into a pin. The next match saw Darren Young & Titus O`Neill take on the Usos. Young and O`Neill picked up the win with a backbreaker followed by an elbow drop. Then Ryback took on 2 jobbers. ryback came out with the win with both men on his back doing an avalanche drop.After that santino took on ricardo, albertos ring amounncer. Santino won with the cobra witch knocked him out after messing with ricardo.Sheamus called a promo calling laurinitus a arse. excuse me !!!!!! Sheamus got caught in a fight with swagger.Sheamus picked up the victory with a brogue kick out of no where.Next Damien sandow came in with a short promo, then ran down to the ring to face yoshi tatsu. Damien sandow picked up the win with an armlock neckbreaker, in a amazing time of 00:44.2 seconds !!! Big show cuts a very long promo, after the promo going back to the lockeroom he crossed kane going to the ring for his triple threat match against alberto del rio & randy orton.When suddenly, Bryan attacks kane with a chair over a dozen times and knocked him off his feet !!! Alberto came up with the win after randy orton delivered a RKO and covered kane alberto kicked him off and sneaked in for the win!

biggest cheer reaction : Laurinitus not turning up & Randys RKO !!!!!!!

biggest boo reaction : Big show, vickie guerraro and eve.

Matt Appleyard

Sport/wrestling blogger

new games

07/06/2012 00:01

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