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AC 3

09/05/2013 17:56
I am writing a blog again finally been a bit busy, anywayabout assasins creed 3 i played it, it was a real let down it was boring and really not that fun the controls were different and hard to master.   So after my reviewing i will give it a sad.....   6/10   Only because of the...

Blogging again!

13/10/2012 22:38
Sorry because schools back hadnt been blogging much but, now its your chance to get invoved send us a game you created and if its good il add it to the website! Now the blog Todays blog is about AC3 its not out yet but when it is it will be a sensation to gamers, and be out of stock in...


26/09/2012 20:53
So, its now been a whole 3 weeks since school restarted. Its weird, because I have a few new teachers, but I do have a few teachers who are the same as last year. This is just a quick blog because I don't have much time now school started. But I hope everyone has had a good time and not got told...


04/09/2012 13:16
So, today is the last day of the holidays. It doesn't feel like a whole six weeks since we started. The holidays started with the Olympics and are ending with the Paralympics, It's been a good six weeks for Britain, 3rd in the Olympics and doing well (at time of writing) in the...

Pleasure of Islands.

10/08/2012 20:44
Today I went to the theme park Pleasure Island with my friend Dan. There are some really cool rides there, such as: Boomerang, Alakazam, Pendulus and many more, which you can find at this link. If you have been to Alton Towers before you may know what I mean when I say that Alakazam is a mix...


26/07/2012 08:46
Sorry i have not written a blog since round about may 18th. So i will get some new blogs up.   Sports/Wrestling blogger Matt Appleyard


25/07/2012 19:04
Of course you know about our games website (www.), well now we have even more games! Even better news is that the games will keep coming as we are now making our own games via a website called Sploder. There are games such as Gold Hunter, Mind Thriller and the Mini Mario...

Black ops II

24/07/2012 17:00
In november/september i dont know the game for xbox, ps3 and maybe wii. It is the sequel to black ops and has the same simalaritys to black ops like zombies, but there is one thing different that black ops II is in the future and holds new weapons and instead of killing people you kill robots :)...

Dodgy Drinks-Really

12/06/2012 16:53
The one thing I enjoyed most today was when my friend Josh(7C) found a can of cold tomato soup at school. Of course he put it in the bin, well no. He addeed a lovely portion of Suso fizzy apple, followed by banana Yazoo (admittedly mine) which soon made it bubble up a murky yellow for a few...


08/06/2012 10:57
We have officialy had our first responder! Her name is amy and she loved the site: 'i luv ur site u rock!' Keep sending feedback. The Blog Timers  
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