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Matt | 08/06/2012

Hey this your sport/wrestling blogger Matt please send in requests about what you want me to blog,about who you want me to blog,and how can i improve my blogs.

Re: chat

georgia | 08/06/2012

yo lil bro :)

Re: chat

Adam | 09/06/2012

Germany vs Portugal


adam | 06/06/2012

this is the main place to chat. Use the guestbook to register and feedback to comment on blogs!

starter post

josh | 06/06/2012

chat from here

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25/07/2012 19:04
Of course you know about our games website (www.), well now we have even more games! Even better news is that the games will keep coming as we are now making our own games via a website called Sploder. There are games such as Gold Hunter, Mind Thriller and the Mini Mario...


08/06/2012 10:57
We have officialy had our first responder! Her name is amy and she loved the site: 'i luv ur site u rock!' Keep sending feedback. The Blog Timers  


07/06/2012 19:10
We are soon going to have a sport/wrestling blogger. Matthew Appleyard

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06/06/2012 20:11
Join us for free and be heard from the people of blog-time and comment!

Hi to all!

06/06/2012 20:11
We are up and running, this is a site where you will be noticed. We will listen (read) to what you say. Everyone has an opinion, these are BLOGS FOR GAMES, BLOGS FOR LIFE, BLOGS FOR EVERYBODY!